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STEAM Lab in action!

How do you envision your STEAM space?  Check out this video for some ideas.

Why do you need a STEAM space?

Benefits for Students

  • STEAM gets kids of all levels engaged in learning Math and Science
  • Access to STEM is important for everyone.  South LA Robotics aims to bring STEM to diverse populations.
  • Students are the builders and inventors of tomorrow.
  • Both boys and girls and students of color are more likely to become interested in STEAM fields if they have the opportunity.
  • Kids love video games so let's teach them to be creators!

Benefits for Schools/Groups

  • The demand for jobs in STEM is growing every year.
  • Your organization is helping to prepare students to fill them.
  • You are opening the door to helping students explore careers in STEM
  • This provides a great PR opportunity for your school or group.  Pretty soon, others will be looking to you as a guide.